<p>Sometimes you don't need pandas to handle csv files. Sometimes you'd just move data around and wrangle it without a jupyter notebook. During these times you might like to know about <a href="https://csvkit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/">csvkit</a>. You can do light analysis, but also exchange with fileformats and databases.</p>

1 - Converting
2 - Cutting
3 - Stats
4 - File Formats
5 - SQL
6 - Chained Commands

This tool might be one of those tools that you might want to have in your global environment but you can also install it in a virtual environment. To install csvkit, run the following;

pip install csvkit

To download the datasets that we'll use, just run;

wget https://calmcode.io/datasets/pokemon.json
wget https://calmcode.io/datasets/pokemon.xlsx

The following commands are run in this video;

in2csv pokemon.json | head
in2csv pokemon.json > pokemon.csv
in2csv pokemon.xlsx