dplyr verbs

<p>R has an amazing set of libraries called the tidyverse. It contains a set of packages that play well together. A core library in this set is <code>dplyr</code> which contains verbs to help you analyse data. In this series of videos we'll give a quick overview of them.</p>

1 - Introduction
2 - Filter
3 - Mutate
4 - Select
5 - Arrange
6 - Group
7 - Conclusion

For this video you'll need to make sure that tidyverse is installed and that you ran this script beforehand.


# This command makes sure that the chickweight dataframe is clean.
df <- ChickWeight %>% ungroup() %>% as.data.frame()

Once this is a given. You can apply all sorts of simple verbs.

df %>% head()
df %>% tail()
df %>% tail() %>% head(3)