<p>There's a visualisation technique that allows you to get an overview of many columns at the same time. It's called <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallel_coordinates#:~:text=Parallel%20coordinates%20are%20a%20common,typically%20vertical%20and%20equally%20spaced.">parallel coordinates</a> and the <a href="https://facebookresearch.github.io/hiplot/index.html">hiplot</a> library offers a convenient way to use the technique from a jupyter notebook.</p>

1 - Introduction
2 - Parallel Coordinates
3 - Explore
4 - Export
5 - Grid Search

For this video you'll need to install the following dependencies;

pip install scikit-lego hiplot

To load the data, run the code below.

from sklego.datasets import load_penguins

df = load_penguins(as_frame=True)

To run the interactive tool locally, run;

import hiplot as hip
data = df.to_dict(orient='records')