method chains

<p>Method chains are an amazing programming pattern if you're building an API that needs to be expressive in how it changes data. In this series of video's we will make a pandas-like datacontainer for lists of dictionaries.</p>

1 - Introduction
2 - Keep
3 - Chains
4 - Args
5 - Head
6 - Select
7 - Mutate
8 - Sort
9 - Bliss

The topics in this series of videos can be complex if you're unfamiliar with topics like args/kwargs, comprehensions and lambda functions. Make sure to check out these series of videos if you'd appreciate a refresher.

You can download the json data here. Note that you can also fetch the dataset from the terminal via;

wget https://calmcode.io/datasets/pokemon.json

This is the json data that we'll use in these videos.