Frequently asked questions

This is free?
What is your marketing plan?

There is none. The world of online marketing is messed up and we don't want to take part in the tracking fever. Instead we intend to spend the effort on just making amazing content and letting word of mouth pick up from there.

How often will there be new content?

We don't promise anything because it's run on a volunteer basis but we have a newsletter that is used for new material announcements.

What are you tracking on this website?

We mainly rely on (not google). This tracking service does anonymous tracking of the pages. You can read their data policy. One of the great features of plausible is that we can be transparent in what data we collect. If you want to see what we're tracking, you can see everything that we see in our open dashboard.

Note that vimeo also does some light tracking on view counts.

What tools are behind this website?

There's a lot of tools out there but we'll list a few below.

  1. The frontend is made with jinja and tailwindcss.
  2. The site is hosted on netlify and the videos are hosted on vimeo.
  3. The front-end tracking is done via
  4. The CI/testing is done via gitlab.
  5. The emails are sent via tinyletter.
  6. Many icons on this website are from the nounproject. We are a paying member.

What software do you use for video recording?

  1. We use screenflow for most of the recordings. The app is surprisingly buggy but works well enough most of the time.
  2. We use screenbrush for drawing over the screen while coding. This app is highly recommended.
  3. Bigger diagrams in our videos are drawn with free sketchbook app.

What hardware do you use for video recording?

We also have some hardware that we use.

  1. We use a wacom one tablet for drawing. We found it to be a very nice bit of hardware because you can carry it easily in your bag.
  2. We use a yeti usb microphone for our recording. We also have a rode nt microphone for when we're on the road.

Currently we use the mac ecosystem heavily, odds are that we'll switch to a linux based system in the future.

Why are the videos so slow to load?

It could be your internet connection. If that is the case you might want to select a lower video resolution.

It has also been suggested that it might be that adblock slows down vimeo. We can't say for sure but unblocking this website seems to make an improvement.

Can we control playback speed?

We're currently paying the hosting fees out of pocket and we would need to upgrade our vimeo subscription. This would get costly. We are tracking the feature as a github issue that helps us measure how many people request this feature but in the meantime you might enjoy this chrome extension. It should allow you to control the playback speed on the videos on this website.

Can we get something mobile friendly?

We're optimising for the desktop experience since that's what you'll be programming from. You can definitely see the website on mobile, but you may need to scroll a bit more. A better experience for mobile is on the to-do list but with low priority.

Can we get "darkmode"?
Is this site down?

You wouldn't be reading this if it were. We do ping the site for uptime and have an open dashboard.

What are some good design inspirations?

Just remember that inspiration only works if you customise it.

How do I pick colors for my website?

Just remember to never go overboard on colors.

Got any other design resources?
What's good music for doing code?

  • There's code radio [free] from freecodecamp.
  • There's [paid] that will give you work noise and will block websites on your behalf.
  • There's noisli [freemium] that can design white noise for you.

What other learning resources do you recommend?

  • There's freecodecamp.
  • There's leanpub. It's an independant ebook publisher and there's some good books there.
  • There's the pydata youtube channel.
  • There's It's not all free but there's some great content on python web development!
  • There's also pythonmorsels. It's an interesting experiment that also seems to prefer a minimalist approach.

You seem productive, got tips?

  • Give the pomodoro technique a try.
  • Take plenty of breaks. Inspiration tends to strike when away from the computer.
  • Try to design a solution on paper before you write code. There's a great design workflow listed in shapeup that we like to follow.
  • The sprint book has an elaborate process described that boils down to a sensible rule: understand the problem you're solving first. Implementation becomes a lot easier that way.
  • Block distractions. Check out and read make time if you appreciate more information.

Got tips for keeping a website simple and fast?

There's a few things to keep in mind.

  • You can track speed/accessibility/seo properties via
  • Google has a pagespeed service
  • Only use javascript when you absolutely have to.

What's the most recent deploy date?

This site was last deployed at: 2023-09-11 09:51:53.