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Body measurements in the US Army.

The ANSUR II working databases contain 93 anthropometric measurements which were directly measured, and 15 demographic/administrative variables explained below. The ANSUR II Male working database contains a total sample of 4,082 subjects. The ANSUR II Female working database contains a total sample of 1,986 subjects.
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Name Description
subjectid A unique number for each participant measured in the anthropometric survey, ranging from 10027 to 920103, not inclusive
subjectbirthlocation Subject Birth Location; a U.S. state or foreign country
subjectnumericrace Subject Numeric Race; a single or multi-digit code indicating a subject’s self-reported race or races (verified through interview). Where 1 = White, 2 = Black, 3 = Hispanic, 4 = Asian, 5 = Native American, 6 = Pacific Islander, 8 = Other
ethnicity self-reported ethnicity (verified through interview); e.g. “Mexican”, “Vietnamese”
dodrace Department of Defense Race; a single digit indicating a subject’s self-reported preferred single race where selecting multiple races is not an option. This variable is intended to be comparable to the Defense Manpower Data Center demographic data. Where 1 = White, 2 = Black, 3 = Hispanic, 4 = Asian, 5 = Native American, 6 = Pacific Islander, 8 = Other
gender “Male” or “Female”
age Participant’s age in years
heightin Height in Inches; self-reported, comparable to measured “stature”
weightlbs Weight in Pounds; self-reported, comparable to measured “weightkg”
writingpreference Writing Preference; “Right hand”, “Left hand”, or “Either hand (No preference)”
date Date the participant was measured, ranging from “04-Oct-10” to “05-Apr-12”
installation U.S. Army installation where the measurement occurred; e.g. `Fort Hood`
abdominalextensiondepthsitting Abdominal Extension Depth, Sitting
acromialheight Acromial Height
acromionradialelength Acromion-Radiale Length
anklecircumference Ankle Circumference
axillaheight Axilla Height
balloffootcircumference Ball of Foot Circumference
balloffootlength Ball of Foot Length
biacromialbreadth Biacromial Breadth
bicepscircumferenceflexed Biceps Circumference, Flexed
bicristalbreadth Bicristal Breadth
bideltoidbreadth Bideltoid Breadth
bimalleolarbreadth Bimalleolar Breadth
bitragionchinarc Bitragion Chin Arc
bitragionsubmandibulararc Bitragion Submandibular Arc
bizygomaticbreadth Bizygomatic Breadth
buttockcircumference Buttock Circumference
buttockdepth Buttock Depth
buttockheight Buttock Height
buttockkneelength Buttock-Knee Length
buttockpopliteallength Buttock-Popliteal Length
calfcircumference Calf Circumference
cervicaleheight Cervical Height
chestbreadth Chest Breadth
chestcircumference Chest Circumference
chestdepth Chest Depth
chestheight Chest Height
crotchheight Crotch Height
crotchlengthomphalion Crotch Length (Omphalion)
crotchlengthposterioromphalion Crotch Length, Posterior (Omphalion)
earbreadth Ear Breadth
earlength Ear Length
earprotrusion Ear Protrusion
elbowrestheight Elbow Rest Height
eyeheightsitting Eye Height, Sitting
footbreadthhorizontal Foot Breadth, Horizontal
footlength Foot Length
forearmcenterofgriplength Forearm-Center of Grip Length
forearmcircumferenceflexed Forearm Circumference, Flexed
forearmforearmbreadth Forearm-Forearm Breadth
forearmhandlength Forearm -Hand Length
functionalleglength Functional Leg Length
handbreadth Hand Breadth
handcircumference Hand Circumference
handlength Hand Length
headbreadth Head Breadth
headcircumference Head Circumference
headlength Head Length
heelanklecircumference Heel-Ankle Circumference
heelbreadth Heel Breadth
hipbreadth Hip Breadth
hipbreadthsitting Hip Breadth, Sitting
iliocristaleheight Iliocristale Height
interpupillarybreadth Interpupillary Breadth
interscyei Interscye I
interscyeii Interscye II
kneeheightmidpatella Knee Height, Midpatella
kneeheightsitting Knee Height, Sitting
lateralfemoralepicondyleheight Lateral Femoral Epicondyle Height
lateralmalleolusheight Lateral Malleolus Height
lowerthighcircumference Lower Thigh Circumference
mentonsellionlength Menton-Sellion Length
neckcircumference Neck Circumference
neckcircumferencebase Neck Circumference, Base
overheadfingertipreachsitting Overhead Fingertip Reach, Sitting
palmlength Palm Length
poplitealheight Popliteal Height
radialestylionlength Radiale-Stylion Length
shouldercircumference Shoulder Circumference
shoulderelbowlength Shoulder-Elbow Length
shoulderlength Shoulder Length
sittingheight Sitting Height
sleevelengthspinewrist Sleeve Length: Spine-Wrist
sleeveoutseam Sleeve Outseam
span Span
stature Stature
suprasternaleheight Suprasternale Height
tenthribheight Tenth Rib Height
thighcircumference Thigh Circumference
thighclearance Thigh Clearance
thumbtipreach Thumbtip Reach
tibialheight Tibiale Height
tragiontopofhead Tragion-Top of Head
trochanterionheight Trochanterion Height
verticaltrunkcircumferenceusa Vertical Trunk Circumference (USA)
waistbacklength Waist Back Length (Omphalion)
waistbreadth Waist Breadth
waistcircumference Waist Circumference (Omphalion)
waistdepth Waist Depth
waistfrontlengthsitting Waist Front Length, Sitting
waistheightomphalion Waist Height (Omphalion)
weightkg Weight (in kg*10)
wristcircumference Wrist Circumference
wristheight Wrist Height

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