We host some fun ones.

When you're learning a new data tool it often helps to have a dataset nearby that serves as an example. Many of these datasets are also fun to explore on their own which is why we list them here so you can download them. Feel free to download these datasets to see if you can do something interesting with them.

bigmac logo bigmac.csv Download
birthdays logo birthdays.csv Download
chickweight logo chickweight.csv Download
clinc logo clinc.csv Download
dependencies logo dependencies.csv Download
drawndata1 logo drawndata1.csv Download
drawndata2 logo drawndata2.csv Download
english 1grams logo english_1grams.csv Download
english 2grams logo english_2grams.csv Download
english 3grams logo english_3grams.csv Download
english words logo english_words.csv Download
ergonomics logo ergonomics.csv Download
fish logo fish.csv Download
got logo got.json Download
headlines logo Download
monopoly logo monopoly.csv Download
pokemon json logo pokemon.json Download
pokemon jsonl logo pokemon.jsonl Download
sleep logo sleep.csv Download
smoking logo smoking.csv Download
stigler logo stigler.csv Download
stocks logo stocks.csv Download
titanic logo titanic.csv Download
world of warcraft full logo wow-full.parquet Download
world of warcraft lite logo wow-lite.parquet Download


You can also play with most of these datasets directly in the browser. We've hosted all csv files online via datasette so you can also explore it without downloading anything. Want to learn more about datasette? Check out the datasette course.