monopoly logomonopoly.

The popular board game.

You can use this dataset to run a simulation. The simulation might allow you to figure out which properties are a more interesting investment opportunity.
This dataset was originally found in github.

Name Description
name The name of the property.
rent The revenue when there's no buildings on the property.
house_1 The revenue when there's one house on the property.
house_2 The revenue when there's two houses on the property.
house_3 The revenue when there's three houses on the property.
house_4 The revenue when there's four houses on the property.
hotel The revenue when there's an hotel on the property.
deed_cost The cost of the deed for the property.
house_cost The cost of building a house on the property.
host_cost The cost of building a hotel on the property.
color Color of the tyle.
tile Number of the tyle.

You can download the dataset from the commandline.


You can also download it directly.