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Sleep affects your coding.

This dataset is part of a research paper. We merely consider a subset of the original dataset in the paper for sake of calm. We also renamed a few columns. The dataset contains a test done at a university where students had to implement a `PigLatin` class in 90 minutes. Some students deprived themselves of sleep the night before the exercise. A few unit tests were available that had to be confirmed while another set of unit tests were held back. We also know the GPA of the students. The goal is to figure out what the effect is of sleep deprivation.

This dataset is used in a number of places on our website.

This dataset was originally found in a research paper.

Name Description
id An id for each student in the trial.
gpa The italian grade point average of the student.
sleep The level of sleep the student got.
passed_unit_tests How many unit tests that were held back passed.
passed_asserts How many known unit tests passed
tackled_user_stories How many user stories were tackled

You can download the dataset from the commandline.


You can also download it directly.