world of warcraft lite logoworld of warcraft lite.

Lightweight WoW Dataset

This is the **lite** version of the dataset. Contains logs of the horde faction of a world of warcraft server, but we only keep track of sessionizable characteristics. To quote the [docs](; the dataset contains the data over 1,107 days between Jan. 2006 and Jan. 2009. During the monitored period, 91,065 avatars, and 667,032 sessions associated with the avatars were observed. Because the sampling interval was 10 minutes, there should have been 159,408 samples, each providing the status of all the avatars online during the sampling period. To protect players' privacy, we mapped the avatars' names and guild names randomly as positive integers with a consistent mapping (i.e., the same names were always mapped to the same integers).
This dataset was originally found in academic paper by Lee et al..

Name Description
player_id The identifying of the character that's playing
level Current level of the player
datetime The datetime stamp.

You can download the dataset from the commandline.

wget https://calmcode.io

You can also download it directly.