... makefiles.

If you repeat lots of bash commands while developing then makefiles can help you out.

Episode Notes

The extra command we added is listed below.

  @echo "available commands"
  @echo " - install    : installs all requirements"
  @echo " - dev        : installs all development requirements"
  @echo " - test       : run all unit tests"
  @echo " - clean      : cleans up all folders"
  @echo " - flake      : runs flake8 style checks"
  @echo " - check      : runs all checks (tests + style)"
  @echo " - docs       : generate docs locally in /docs folder"

Once again pay attention to the spaces before the @echo. These need to be tabs in order for them to work properly.

Note that you can also find the entire project on github. Feel free top clone/copy and adapt it to your liking.

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