... method chains.

Method chains are an amazing programming pattern if you're building an API that needs to be expressive in how it changes data. In this series of video's we will make a pandas-like datacontainer for lists of dictionaries.


We'll load in the data via;

import json
import pathlib

poke_dict = json.loads(pathlib.Path("pokemon.json").read_text())

Next well define a new class called Clumper. The idea is that this class will allow us to more flexibly analyse the list of json objects for us.

class Clumper:
    def __init__(self, blob):
        self.blob = blob 

    def keep(self, func):
        return [d for d in self.blob if func(d)]

You can see how it works by running.

Clumper(poke_dict).keep(lambda d: 'Grass' in d['type'])

Can you see a downside with this current approach though?

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