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Calmcode Shorts

There's a project called toolong that allows you to easily and quickly navigate log files from your terminal. It's great for JSONL files but it's also useful for most line-delimted formats.

You can install it via pip:

python -m pip install toolong

And you can run it from the terminal via:



One extra neat feature is the ability to see logs update as they come in. To run that as a demo yourself you can run this script, which adds random data into a log.txt file.

import json
import time
import random

while True:
    d = {"key": random.choice("abcde"), "value": random.random()}
    with open("logs.txt", "a+") as f:
        f.writelines([json.dumps(d) + "\n"])

And then you can see the new data come in via:

tl logs.txt

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