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A tricky part of learning a programming language is that can't just learn syntax, you also need to find interesting practice cases to help stap motivated. These cases should be fun to write, preferably interesting, but should also act as an excuse to try out a new tool.

If you're looking for a source of inspiration, I can highly recommend checking out the riddler. It's grand. It's a growing collection of puzzles, maintained by Zach Wissner-Gross.

Here's a highlight of some particularily fun puzzles.

The fun part of these cases is that they can usually be solved in different ways. One implementation may be written in pure python, but you can try to challenge yourself by trying to rewrite everything in numpy or pandas.


The riddler usually posts solutions the week after they are published. But if you're interested in some python examples we highly recommend checking out Jason Ash's blog. It's a great blog, and he often shares python solutions to the riddles. The solutions tend to be great examples of well written python code too! Expect great docstrings and reasoning.


If you'd like to support the riddler, you can buy the book if you're interested.

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