Calmcode - chime: command line

Calling chimes from the command line

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You can run Python from the command line too, which is also why you can run Chime from there as well.

python -c "import time; time.sleep(1)"

Even if we were running a script from the command line we'd like to get our notification, so we need to add an & to chain the commands.

python -c "import time; time.sleep(1)"

The setup below will play a sound regardless of the fact that the first command succeeded or not.

# This is preferable on MacOS/Ubuntu
python -c "import time; time.sleep(1)"; python -m chime
# This is preferable on Windows
python -c "import time; time.sleep(1)" & python -m chime

Again, for more information on the library, check out the github page.