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You can write your own checklists too. Here's an example of a checklist.yml file that can be used to create a custom list.

title: Custom Checklist at Custom Company
  - title: Legal
    section_id: F
        - line_id: F.1
          line_summary: Has legal checked it?
          line: Always to be sure we need a signature from legal.
        - line_id: F.2
          line_summary: Will legal re-evaluate?
          line: Sometimes legal will need to re-evaluate the status once a year. Did we confirm?
  - title: Other Teams
    section_id: G
        - line_id: G.1
          line_summary: Influence on other Teams
          line: Our project might have an affect in other teams. Did we check?
        - line_id: G.2
          line_summary: Dependency from other Teams
          line: Is it clear what teams we depend on? Do the other teams know this?

You can append this file to the existing file by running;

deon -o --checklist checklist.yml

But you could also create a new file by running the same command on a new file.

deon -o --checklist checklist.yml