Calmcode - entr: introduction

Update when Files Update with Entr

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There are moments when you'd automatically want to run a script the moment that a file updates. Instead of running these things by hand we can use a nifty tool called entr to help us automate these things. You can learn more by checking the entr project page.

We've got a python project called checking that contains a file called

def valid_url(url: str):
    return True

We've also got a test file called called

from checking.web import valid_url

def test_starts_correctly():
    assert valid_url("")
    assert valid_url("")
    assert not valid_url("")

We can run this unit test by running this command from the command line:


The goal of this series of videos will be to come up with a way to have this line of code run automatically whenever we make a change to