Calmcode - gin: functions as config

Functions as Config

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You can also configure functions in gin. That means that we can go further than mere settings, we can actively link code!


simulate.n_samples = 200
simulate.random_func = @random_triangle

random_triangle.minval = 0
random_triangle.maxval = 100

import gin
import random

def random_uniform(minval=0, maxval=1):
    return random.uniform(minval, maxval)

def random_triangle(minval=0, maxval=1):
    middle = (maxval - minval)/2
    return random.triangular(minval, maxval, middle)

def simulate(random_func, n_samples):
    return sum(random_func() for i in range(n_samples))

if __name__ == "__main__":

Notice how simulate() is able to run without any parameters being passed to it.