Calmcode - ngrok: installation


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The installation process can be found on the ngrok documentation page.

Two things are important to highlight in this process.

Move the Binary

You probably want to move the downloaded application to a folder that is globally reachable. This means that either you move the file to the place where your system typically stores the binaries of command line applications (on my mac this is /usr/local/bin/ngrok) or that you adjust your bash_profile file to include the path of your app.

If most of the words that you've just read do not make any sense, don't worry. You can still run all the commands in this tutorial but you need to replace the standard ngrok command with something different.

Instead of typing;

ngrok http 8080

You'll need to type;

/path/to/ngrok http 8080


You need to go to your profile on and grab your authentication token. This can be added to your app locally by typing.

ngrok authtoken <YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN>

This will create a local file that contains your password. On my mac this file was placed at /Users/<username>/.ngrok2/ngrok.yml. The command line app will use this file to identify you.