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There are many things that can (and will) go wrong in data science applications. Unfortunately it's not just technical issues, often ethical issues will also appear. It would help if people had a checklist of things might go wrong. Enter deon.


You can write your own checklists too. Here's an example of a checklist.yml file that can be used to create a custom list.

title: Custom Checklist at Custom Company
  - title: Legal
    section_id: F
        - line_id: F.1
          line_summary: Has legal checked it?
          line: Always to be sure we need a signature from legal.
        - line_id: F.2
          line_summary: Will legal re-evaluate?
          line: Sometimes legal will need to re-evaluate the status once a year. Did we confirm?
  - title: Other Teams
    section_id: G
        - line_id: G.1
          line_summary: Influence on other Teams
          line: Our project might have an affect in other teams. Did we check? 
        - line_id: G.2
          line_summary: Dependency from other Teams
          line: Is it clear what teams we depend on? Do the other teams know this?

You can append this file to the existing file by running;

deon -o checklist.md --checklist checklist.yml

But you could also create a new file by running the same command on a new file.

deon -o custom-checklist.md --checklist checklist.yml

Feedback? See an issue? Something unclear? Feel free to mention it here.

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