... fastapi.

FastApi is an enjoyable tool for building web applications in python. In these videos we demonstrate the main features.


Async Code

This is the code that we've added to app.py in this part;

import time
import asyncio

def sleep_slow():
    return {"status": "done"}

async def sleep_fast():
    await asyncio.sleep(1)
    return {"status": "done"}

If you get an error while running this it might be a python version issue. Make sure that you're using a recent version of python (3.6 and up).


To use boom make sure it is installed first and then run the following commands;

boom -c 200 -n 200
boom -c 200 -n 200

In both commands boom with send a total of (defined via -n) 200 requests and will do it with a concurrency of 200 (defined via -c). Concurrency is just a fancy word of saying "at the same time". If you'd like boom to send 100 requests in batches of 20 at a time you'd use this command;

boom -c 20 -n 100

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