Calmcode - datasette: introduction

Install Datasette in Python.

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Datasette is a tool for exploring and publishing data. It's found a sweet spot for productivity and it's been a delight to explore. It's especially useful in the realm of rapid prototyping or journalism.

Install Datasette

For this video you'll need to install the following dependencies;

pip install csvs-to-sqlite datasette

Download Data

Next, you will also need to have the bigmac dataset. You can download it directly or fetch it via:


If you've not explored the dataset before, it's a very interesting one! It was originally posted by the economist and features prices over time of the popular MacDonalds sandwich. The idea is that because you can get it around the world it serves as an interesting economic indicator.

Starting a Datasette Service

With the files downloaded and packages installed, you should be able to start datasette via;

csvs-to-sqlite bigmac.csv bigmac.db
datasette bigmac.db

Prefer Online?

You can also play around with our own datasette instance if you prefer not to install anything locally.