Calmcode - ssh: ipconfig


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To connect over SSH we need to know the ip-address of the machine that you want to connect to. On a linux machine you can typically figure this out by typing the following command in the terminal.


You'll need to do some searching for the correct ip-adress here. Since we're exploring a machine on our local network we're looking for a machine that uses the 192.168.1.x-naming convention.

Once you know the ip address you can try to ssh in using a username and password. The syntax for it is;

ssh <username>@<ip-adr>

After this you'll be prompted for a password and you'll be able to confirm that you're on a new machine by running;


Allow SSH

If you cannot connect to your machine that may be because;

  1. The two machines that you're using aren't on the same (wifi) network.
  2. You may have a server that doesn't allow for ssh-connections. If you believe this is the case, you may appreciate this guide.