Calmcode - ssh: vscode


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VSCode can be configured to run over SSH, which is an extremely powerful feature. It allows for a modern development pattern that is very powerful. It means that you can use the same UI while the code runs on a machine with more compute power.


You can click this link to prompt VSCode to install the required SSH plugin. Once it's installed, you can connect to a machine by running the command pallette (SHIFT+CMD+p on Mac, SHIFT+CTRL+p on Linux) and typing SSH. The autocomplete will now take you to your machine, which is shown if you've set up your ~/.ssh/config file correctly.

From here you have access to all your files in a nice user-interface. You can upload/download files by clicking and dragging. You pretty much have access to all VSCode features, as if you're running it natively.

What about PyCharm?

PyCharm has a very similar feature, but it requires the paid version of the tool and won't work in Windows.